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Rescue basics


If you've confirmed ​that the bird is injured, please do what you can to capture or ensure safety of the bird at the scene. We want you to take this step to prevent the animal from disappearing or running into traffic before we can arrive. Next, please call or text Stefanie at 530-262-8292 so she can evaluate the situation.


Please Note: Skywater is a volunteer run organization, and our volunteers don't have around the clock availability. Please text or leave a message with details about the injured bird and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 


If you have ducklings in your pool, there are two options for rescue. Please determine if the ducklings have access to a proper habitat close to your home, such as a green belt, park, or golf course .

  • If there IS green space available, please follow the instructions titled 'How to Lead Ducklings out of a Pool'

  • If there IS NOT green space available, please follow the instructions titled 'How to Capture Ducklings in a Pool'

How to Lead Ducklings out of a Pool

Step 1: Ensure that the ducklings can get out of the pool. You can do this by creating a ramp with a piece of wood or plastic so that they can walk out. Alternatively, you can raise the water level so they can easily climb out. 

Step 2: Monitor their safe passage on their journey to freedom. This involves making sure they cross a street safely and making sure that pets or predatory birds don't attack them. 

How to Capture Ducklings in a Pool

Step 1: Make sure all the ducklings are in the pool. Guide all the ducklings you have found on land into the pool.

Step 2: Using a pool net, guide all the ducklings gently into the skimmer box

Step 3: Close off the opening of the box with the net, then take off the top of the box.

Step 4: Using gloves, pick up the ducklings and put them into a box or brown bag with a towel on the bottom. 

Step 5: Call ahead & deliver the ducklings to our sanctuary!

Please note: rescuing ducklings is a time-sensitive task, because ducklings tire easily and can drown.


Step 1: Determine that they are duck eggs. If they are a different type of bird egg, please contact us for alternate instructions. 

Step 2: If you are located in a suburban setting, we recommend collecting the eggs. Collection should occur whether or not the adult ducks are present.

Step 3: Only collect the eggs if you can get them to our sanctuary within a few hours. If you can't get them to us within a few hours, wait to collect the eggs when you're able to transport them to us promptly.

Step 3: Use gloves to carefully place the eggs in an egg carton. 

Step 4: Call ahead & deliver the eggs to our sanctuary!

If you still have questions, please call or text Stefanie at 530-262-8292

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