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Who runs Skywater?

Skywater was founded by Stefanie Stewart however many generous volunteers and friends help make everything we do possible.  Stefanie is a RN by profession and became involved in wildlife rehabilitation after volunteering with Sierra Wildlife 15 years ago.

How can I support Skywater's efforts?

Thank you for your support! We accept direct donations of food and ranch supplies. Current Wish List: 50 pound bags of Purina Flock Raiser, Buy a barrel of Coop Mix from Elk Grove Milling and we will pick up!,  rolls of shade cloth, paper towels, kennel panels, garden hoses, fence or any ranch supplies very appreciated. Don't throw out your old ranch supplies such as cattle panels, old bent gates or non-climb fencing. We'll take it! Other ways to GIVE! . Check out our GoFundMe campaign at Support us by shopping on AmazonSmile at and choose us as your Charity. Sell your junk on Ebay and donate the proceeds to us! Or simply click the donate button at the top of our page!


Is Skywater a non-profit?

In the latter part of 2018 Skywater became a 501-3c non-profit! However, Skywater rescues and rehabilitates wildlife under the federal and state permit umbrella of Sierra Wildlife Rescue and Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.  

I found an injured bird, ducklings in my pool, or duck eggs in my yard. What should I do?

Please refer to the instructions on the 'Rescue Basicssection of our website.

What types of birds do you rescue?

We focus on waterfowl (large aquatic birds) and domestic barnyard birds, but will triage and evaluate any type of bird in need. We also now rescue and coordinate farm animal rescues.

What happens to a bird after it's rehabilitated?

Skywater is a forever home for non-releasable wildlife and domestic birds. It also functions as a rest stop for migrating birds and a release site for rehabilitated wildlife. Many times, a rehabilitated bird will join a migrating flock.

Does touching a baby bird cause the parents to reject it?

That's an urban myth! Smell is the least developed sense in birds. After we've rehabilitated a baby bird, we attempt to reunite the baby with its parents. This is a highly successful way to return a bird to the wild.

Can I volunteer at Skywater?

Yes, please contact Stefanie at to inquire about volunteering. Please be over 18 years of age. Unfortunately due to permits we cannot have children working directly with the animals, however we welcome and love collaborating projects with scouting groups and school programs. 

Can I visit Skywater?

Unfortunately, we can't have tours or visitors at the ranch because our federal and state permits don't allow public contact with wildlife. If you'd like to find a way to learn more about wildlife, you can find events and classes through Sierra Wildlife Rescue and Gold Country Wildlife Rescue. 

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